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Trouble Shooting

Most commonly reported problems are usually Sim card related, so make sure :-

  • Sim card has credit and is unlocked - we recommend that you pop the Sim card into a phone and see that you can turn on the phone and make a call without requiring an unlock code, if you are asked for an unlock code disable this function using the phone before using the card in the tracker.
  • Make a test call with the phone to ensure the Sim card is functional
  • Clear the Sim card of old text messages
  • Make sure the Sim card is inserted properly into the tray on the tracker

Signal - If fitting a GPS Vehicle Tracking unit in a motorcycle or car remember it needs to be able to get a fixing signal from GPS sattelites and send/recieve over the GSM phone networks. Once fitted you can just call & hang up and see do you get a successful fix back from the tracker, so its easy to confirm.

Under a window shelf in the rear of the car would be good, but if buried under a spare wheel in the bottom of the boot you may need to use a 104 model tracker unit which comes with remote antennae

Passwords are numberical only , use no letters. The default password is 123456, you can alter this to any other six digit combination of numbers. If you have poluted the tracker by sending a wrong password like 'Mary123' then we can reset the password

 Administrator Problem Can't recieve a message from the tracker such as shock or movement alert, geo-fence etc. You must set yourself up as an authorised number .... see the user manual 5.6 (manuals are available to download on our site)



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