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How it Works

Basic Operation

With one of our trackers all you need do is fit a Sim card  and switch it on. To find its location, just call the number and it will hang up after a few rings.....a few moments later the tracker will text you it's location coordinates and also a Google Maps link. If you have a smart phone, just touch the link and hey presto!...there's where the tracker is! If you don't use smart phone you can either look that coordinate up on a computer, or easier still, just forward the text to someone who has.....

App FrontMore Functions.....Try the Back2me App

The units are easilly controlled using various text based commands, but using our App makes life even won't have to remember long command strings and you can also control multiple units. When you 'arm' the tracker it will text you a movement alert - if it is moved outside radius of 200M.

Once the unit is left switched on (or powered up by a vehicle) you can also simply locate don't have to arm it everytime.

Operating Costs   With a pay as you go Sim Card it just costs the price of a text. There are no monthly or annual monitoring fees.

We supply Vodafone pay-as-you-go cards  with purchase.


 The B104 unit is ready to use right away and can be used without any wiring etc. (though a full vehicle wiring kit comes with it too - particularly useful for GPS Vehicle Tracking). It has a long battery life of approximately 60 days on one charge, ideal  for protection of trailers, horse boxes and plant/machinery.

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