About Us

Back2me Tracking are based just south of Dublin in Bray and are part of the Unipipe Group. Unipipe are distributors and designers of cutting edge renewable heating solutions such as Nibe heatpumps, Unipipe floor heating, solar thermal systems etc and are well known in that sector as pioneers of this technology.


So why trackers?.....Owner Paul O'Donnell, a keen motorcyclist, was delighted to find the first bike he had ever ridden many years ago (at the age of 12 or so around a field!) sitting in a barn for the last forty years; a 1956 Triumph 500.... back in the workshop many hours and a few quid later the old Triumph is in showroom condition. During one of the many evenings over the year it took to restore the bike, one of his friends remarked "you'd be sick if someone stole that! "

  ....that comment is what started Paul thinking ...." I had trackers on expensive cars before, but there was a yearly monitoring fee of €300 or more which wasn't practical for multiple cars, bikes etc.and over the years I have had three bikes taken; luckilly I got them all back in various states of repair...but many of my friends were not so fact almost everyone you meet has had something stolen....time to think about out-smarting the criminals!  " 

The '56 Triumph 5T... with one additional 'secret part'....a contract free Back2me Tracker! 


40 Southern Cross Business Park
Boghall Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
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