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Personal GPS Tracker B-102

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The world's smallest GPS tracker:


B102-Mk2 – a small match-box sized unit - comes with two batteries, charging unit (UK style plug), and magnetic back-plate.

Not to be confused with similar looking units, this new version has a much improved battery life, a Micro SD slot for optional storing of thousands of tracked locations that can be reviewed later on computer.


So small, these covert trackers are easily concealled,  and ideal for protecting and locating a variety of things such as motorcycles, scooters (seperate power lead available), luggage, camera equipment and kids. Equiped with an SOS button, which when held for 7 seconds can alert the unit's position and a text 'help me!' to up to five designated recipients. 



  • Size 45 x 65 x 15mm
  • Lithium Ion Battery (Spare Battery Included)
  • Sleep mode –Inertia sensor to transmit only after movement is detected
  • Virtual Geo Fence Function
  • Speeding Alert Function
  • Voice monitoring
  • Magnetic mounting Included
  • May be hard wired to 12v supply via optional accessory lead
  • Works world-Wide on all available GSM/GPRS mobile networks      
  • No Monthly Contract Fees
  • Built in Motion Sensor for extended battery life
  • SOS Function transmits Help Me! Text to your designated numbers with location


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